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RISE with SAP brings together the solution and services you need for true business transformation - IN ONE PACKAGE - regardless of where your business stand now or where you want it to go. It is SAP and an entire ecosystem of partners helping you chart your change on your terms and your timeline

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Innovate Faster and Improve Business Agility

Our strategy practice assesses your current digital activities to identify an effective digital transformation journey while identifying quality-enhancing and cost-effective opportunities.


We set up, provide, and manage your solution of choice to assure performance and security.


We provide the right talent and the right resources to ensure continuity of your solution and success.

Erendi as members of Vitech Asia Group. PT Vitech Asia is a leading technology company with more than 20 years of expecrience in providing innovative solutions and services to businesses and goverments in Indonesia.

We deliver a comprehensive suite of services to tackle
all of your digital transformation challenges

From strategic planning to implementation to maintenance, ERENDI supports organizations of any size turn ideas into reality by leveraging the power of technology.

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